Speed Sensor Error Codes

On a 2002 Sienna I am pulling codes for speed sensors on the front left and right rear wheels (P0500) as well as an indicator that my voltage is either too high or too low - this after several months of the brake, ABS, and tire pressure lights illuminating w/out rhyme or reason, and the speedometer quitting and then showing up to work again - I found an NHTSA TSB EG00402, but can’t match that # against a TSB Toyota may have issued - (1) does this problem sound familiar to any of the pros or owners?

what other codes? (PO500,is) vehicle speed , idle speed control auxilary circuits.that is a PCM,(generic code) but since you are in the ABS control module,need to know those codes also.

P0500 is vehicle speed sensor (vss) circuit. The vss is attached to the transmission. It sends its signal to the engine computer. The engine computer sends the vehicle speed indication signal to the speedometer. A different computer controls the ABS.

Get the regular brakes fixed before your car decides not to “WHOA!”.
Take the car to a shop. The repairs can’t be put off forever.

thats incorrect,the OP said they also have,speed sensor codes,has nothing to do with PCM codes(THIS NOT A CAN capable vehicle.

thank you - first thing I had done several months ago was a complete brake job (top to bottom incl. bleeding lines) - lights out for a couple of days, then the show began again - will provide other codes later