Speed alarm

Many years ago my father had a car with a dial with which one could set a speed alarm. If the car reached or exceded the designated speed an alarm sounded and when the speed decreased the alarm ceased. There are times when cruise control isn’t practical and I wonder if this type of alarm is still available as an after market item. My question probably prompts curiosity as to why I would want such a device. I am having a difficult time controlling my speed in my new, very quiet Matrix. Yeah–like 73 in a 55 mph zone! Also, the car doesn’t have cruise control and I wonder how expensive it is to add.

You’ll get used to it. Just slow down when you exceed the speed limit. The alarm would get really annoying in short order.

Type in ‘car speed alarm’ into the google search engine, and take your pick. I saw 3 different brands before even scrolling down the screen.

I don’t think adding a cruise control is viable. But these people make a speed alarm : http://www.rx4speeding.com/

Alternatively you could rely on the other type, it usually goes WOOOOWOOOOWOOOOO when you’re doing 70+ in a 55, they tend to be more expensive than the electronic unit advertised though.

Also, many newer cars that come with cruise control as an option are still pre-wired from the factory for it. So, your dealer should be able to put in the proper equipment. It will probably cost you, but will be more reliable than an aftermarket kit. I had gotten lucky, and purchased a used Mazda Protege some time back. It did not have cruise control, but after I talked to the parts counter guy at the local Mazda dealership, I was able to get a Mazda kit for dealership installations on clearance for about $100. Of course this car model was 7 years old at the time. But the car was pre-wired, and I installed the kit myself in just a couple of hours.

I would give it a little while, you will get used to the “feel” of your new car and be able to better judge your speed. In the mean time, make a conscious effort to look at your speedometer.

My '64 LeSabre has one of those. I liked the novelty at first, but it’s mostly annoying in actual use. Of course, the alerter on my LeSabre alerts you with this horrible screeching noise, so maybe if something more agreeable to the ear were employed, it wouldn’t be so bad.

We had a 64 Buick with this alarm. I can still hear that noise…irritating, but it worked. It always made Pop slow down.

This proves how we are all so different. If I had a car that came with such a device I would permanently disable it.

On my LeSabre, you can only dial it up to 90MPH. That can be an annoying issue on some sections of highway out here in MT.

As I recall, on both the 1970 and 1972 Buick Electra 225’s you could dial it up to 120 mph. If it’s still an annoying issue at that speed then I guess it’s time to permanently disable the speed control.

Some GPS receivers have a function that will warn you if you are going over the speed limit for the road you are on. Even if you are conscientious about your speed, it is annoying to hear ‘you are over the speed limit’ every minute. Sometimes the data base is not accurate with the posted limit of the road. It sure would be useful in an unfamiliar city or on a speed trap highway. Luckily the function can be disabled.

Thanks for all the suggestions and for Scudder’s link to http://www.rx4speeding.com/ . I think they are terrible with an $18 S+H fee, but I did check out their return policy and it seems reasonable, so I ordered one. I have previously used a speed alarm, many years ago in my father’s car. I liked it then and I expect to like the one I ordered if it performs well. The GPS part of it blew my mind when I first read it. Better to be watched by Big Brother than ticketed by a smarmy cop. He actually asked what the car cost. I have made my case to the DA and hope I can be blessed with a non-moving violation. I really can’t afford to risk huge fines along with an increase in my insurance. Funny, but the new pontiac Vibe (the Matrix’s GM twin) just came out and the cruise control is included as an option bundled with the power windows, keyless entry, etc. The base price is lower too. I have to wonder why Consumer Reports rates the Matrix higher thatn the Vibe. Oh well, I do like my Matrix. I just finished the second tank of gas and I am getting 32+ mpg. I live in farm country and do very little city driving, but I didn’t do very much interstate driving and I did use the air conditioning a little.