I drive a 95 Accord. My spedomitor odomitor and tripomidor all went out. I ordered the vss online and changed the old one out with the new one. Nothing changed on my car. My Spedomitor still reads 20 miles an hour if im moving or if i am standing still or evin in park. Could someone please give me sugegtions on whats else might be wrong. I evin pulled the fuse to make sure it wasnt a bad fuse


The problem is probably in the speedometer head. You might see if you have a shop that specializes in repair and calibration of speedometer heads and see if they can rebuild and recalibrater your existing unit. You might find a used speedo-head from the recycle yard. A replacement head will be costly from the dealer even if there is one on the shelf somewhere.

Hope that helps.


I’d say it’s time for a trip to your local speedometer repair shop. The head itself may need to be rebuilt.