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A couple weeks ago I submitted a question on swapping engines in a truck I’m thinking about buying. I decided that if I buy this truck (provided it’s roadworthy), I will keep the original engine and just trick it out some. The truck in question is a '61 Chevy Apache-10 with a 235 I-6. It is a regular cab, long bed fleetside model. Question today is, will a steel bed floor from a later model truck fit in the bed of a '61? I’m looking for a low-maintenance replacement floor for the original wood floor. Also, I’m curious to know the dimensions (length, width, height) for this truck (2wd) and the curb weight (ball park).

Doubt it’ll fit…But it may be made to fit.

Another option is a wooden floor. Very common in the 60’s and when done right it looks real nice.


Make your own drop in steel floor. It will probably improve the ride also

Visit your local welding shop and see what they can do about a steel floor. One nice thing about wood is it is replaceable. If you have a table saw and a chop saw with other basic tools you can replace the wood floor yourself.

Many specialty shops stamp out metal replacement floors for restorers. I’d start by research those options.

Alternatively, you could replace the wood floor with modern materials impervious to weather and water, like those used on house decking.