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Specific tire pressure question

I’ve recently purchased a 2000 Mecury Cougar (I4) and I love it-but I have a small problem. I don’t know what inflation pressure should be run in the tires. The owners manual says look on the door. There is no sticker on the door. The new tires I just installed (BF Goodrich Radial T/A 205/60/R15) say 35PSI, but I know that’s probably high. So, how do I find the correct inflation pressure for my tires?

Sometimes that info if printed on the underside of the trunk lid.

Check the passenger door. Some Fords have the TP specs on the r/r psgr door; and I realize that your cougar is a 2-door.

Three places to look for tire pressure specs. Door jamb, trunk lid, glove box door.


Add gas tank door. My youngest F350 has the info there.

Even if you can’t find the sticker, nearly any tire store has a recommended tire pressure chart that will give you the same info.

You can also check with the people you bought the tyres from, they should have a list of the proper pressure.

is that 35 psi the MAX psi for the tire, or do tires now recommend pressure with their max rated pressure?

No if it is on the tyre it is MAX. Frankly a max of 35 psi sounds like a really cheap tyre to me. My recommended values are higher than that, which means I could not safely use that tyre on my car.

You’d be surprised - I had a set of Michelins, not cheap, 35 psi max on tire.

According to that tire posted in the op’s post is the one recommended (OEM size) for that vehicle and the MAX psi is 35psi.

I doubt the recommended psi for that vehicle is 35 psi though. More likely 32 but like was suggested, he’ll have to inquire as to the correct recommended psi.

Amateurs, sheesh!!

According to Tire Guides, a 2000 Mercury Cougar originally came with P205/60R15 90T’s mounted on 6.5" rims and inflated to 30 psi.