Cold inflation pressure vs max psi



hi. I just got 4 firestone Destination AT tires for my 2009 jeep

wrangler. Trying to figure out how much air/pressure to put in

tires. Tirerack website lists max psi at 44,( P255/75R17), tires say max psi 41 on sidewall, Here & there loads are mentioned, but I

never carry heavy loads, just me. Can anyone tell me the range

or ideal level of tire inflation psi for THESE tires ? Winter? Summer? I have no info

from purchase at all, jeep dealership put on the tires, got them

from somewhere else.

Thanks !


Don’t go over the # on the side of the tire, but the correct pressure should be on a sticker on the door jamb or elsewhere. Is there no sticker?


no sticker. not tires the car came with.
that’s why I am having trouble getting
the exact info on ideal inflation
pressure, that is, “cold inflation
pressure” which after spending some
hours on various firestone & other


The correct pressure doesn’t change just because the tires are different (unless they are way different in size). It’s still the pressure on the door sticker, or in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, you may be able to search for one on line.


When you say these aren’t the tires the car came with, do you mean you’ve gone to a different size from the original tires? If they’re the same size, then the original inflation value still applies.

If there’s no sticker, then the information must be in the owner’s manual.


Since P255/75R17 is the standard size for the Wrangler Rubicon call the dealer or Jeep and ask them for the correct tire pressure. There should be a Load/Pressure label on the driver’s side door jamb, especially if it’s a new Jeep.

I have Destination LE’s on my 2000 Blazer. The door label suggests 32 psi front/rear, I use 36 psi for better steering response and handling (Max Psi is 44 for these tires).

Ed B.