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Is 50 psi too much in my 2011 Scion xB tires?

To much air in tires 50 psi is that to much. I was told you go by number on tire.

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Who ever told you that was wrong

There should be a sticker on the drivers door jamb or the door itself by the latch that tells you what your car requires, probably closer to 32 psi.

Found this useful information in your owners manual.
Front = 35 psi
Rear = 32 psi
Spare = 60 psi


Who ever told you that should not be giving advice.


Usually the number on the side of the tire is tne maximum allowable pressure, not the recommended usual inflation pressure. The recommended pressure is always lower.

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Check your tire pressure in the morning, before driving heats up the tires, and use a good gauge. I set mine 2 psi above the door sticker value (never the number on the tire).