"special" 04 jetta gls 2.0 fuel pump issues

Driving in to work last week my jetta was not getting the speed it normally did. A quarter of a mile from work it sputtered and I thought it was going to die right there. I made it in to work but afterwards the car was trying to turn over but wouldn’t start. Towed it home and had a neighbors’ mechanic stop by to diagnose. Was told that the fuel pump was shot. Here’s where the fun begins…

Apparently my jetta is a “special” one with a metal gas tank which requires a non-standard fuel pump. Found, bought, installed new fuel pump and filter. Car started for a second then died. Couldn’t get it to catch again w/o started fluid. Kept dying. Now wondering if it is the fuel pump relay. Again, my special little jetta doesn’t not carry the standard 409 relay. The one in my car is marked 466. I picked up a 409 with the same diagram on the side as my 466 and the car is turning over but not catching. Do I have to get the specific 466 relay and will this fix the problem. If I get said relay and the car still won’t start where do I go next?

It sounds like that mechanic didn’t thoroughly diagnose the problem.
Perhaps the pump was never the problem.

Yep. I’ve gathered that at this point. Wondering more about the relay now.

Okay then.
You could replace the relay yourself, I suppose.
If that fixes the problem, you should have a “nice” chat with that mechanic.
If not, it’s time for someone else to correctly diagnose and fix it.

Relay did not work. Finally threw in the towel and called AAA to tow to a certified mechanic. Answer, it WAS the fuel pump. The newly purchased one turned out to be faulty…it was properly installed so it was kicking on but the gas kept spraying through one of the hoses which was not sealed correctly. Part returned, new, new part obtained and now my car runs. Lost out on the relay though…original was fine. Loss of $70. >: [

Thanks for the conclusion post. It’s good to hear a happy ending, even though you’re out $70 extra.

A mechanic could do a simple test and tell you if the fuel pump relay is good or not. VW’s --esp the Rabbits – at one time did have a problem with the fuel pump relays, but that was years ago. I imagine they’ve fixed this problem by now. I wouldn’t go on a parts swapping expedition to fix this. Ask you mechanic to do the test and tell you yay or nay on the existing relay.