Sparkplug coil packs

How difficult is it to remove and replace these “packs” when changing sparkplugs on the 4.7L V8 engine?

I do not want to damage them…


Jack Ries

I don’t know the engine you are concerned about, but all coil sticks are pretty much the same:

Unhook the electrical connector on the coil stick.
Unscrew the one or two bolts that hold the coil stick to the cylinder head.
Gently twist the coil stick left and right to break it free from the spark plug, and any o-rings that seal it tight.
Pull up on the coil stick to remove it.

Easy peasy.


Thanks, BC…I will probably have to remove the air cleaner junction box above the engine on our Dodge truck to get at all the plugs, the engine compartment is quite roomy and it looks pretty straight forward after that.