Broken spark plug

Broken spark plug in my Conversion Ram Van, not much room to remove the plug, any suggestions?

It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.
– Sir Winston Churchill

It’s hard. That’s why we have mechanics. Remove it or have someone else remove it. There’s no magic.

JayWB does sort of sum it up. What is broken exactly? Is the hex head on the plug intact? I have always had the best luck on stuck items with lots of PB blaster (or other similar product - not WD40), and lots of patience. I’ve often found that when I’m out of patience I need to go away until I find some more. If you don’t want to or can’t get it to a mechanic, I would take a deep socket, too small for the plug - something that will sit on it without damaging the hex head - spray plug w/ PB blaster, apply socket - tap tap tap with a hammer to help the PB work in. And I would do that a lot.

If it is hard to get to you might want to pick up some extra gadgets for your sockets - like a jointed extension or two. Whatever you do make sure to use a high quality spark plug socket of the correct size.

Do you mean an attempt was made to remove the plug, during which it snapped in two? If that’s the case, the cylinder head will probably have to come off.