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Spark plugs

ive got a 95 dodge ram 318 auto short box sport 2 wheel drive… 87,150 miles… im wondering if any one recommends a specific spark plug… its a daily driver with wide open true dual exhaust and an almost ram air set up. it had new plugs and wires, cap and rotor about 35,000 miles ago.

Whatever the factory installed. It’s the best way to know you won’t run into any problems due to an incompatible plug.

i was looking for brands

i was looking for brands As BustedKnuckles said, Whatever the factory installed.

The 318 MOPAR engine was a 50 year old design and they were not very sensitive to the brand of spark plug installed in them…Champion were original equipment for many years…They should still work fine, as will Autolite or any other name brand plug…A wide open exhaust…Isn’t that nice…

If you plan to replace plugs every 30 to 35K miles just about any plug will work fine. If you are happy with plugs you last installed, just get another set of same. No need for fancy high prices plugs. Standard Champion, Autolite, or whatever is on sale.

My 95 Dodge Dakota with the 3.9 V6 was happy with the Autolite OEM plugs. If I recall, the replacement interval was 30k miles.

Ed B.