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Brand of spark plugs

I recently replaced the spark plugs in my Impala with Autolite spark plugs. My car was just in the shop for another issue and they said it needs AC/Delco spark plugs. Does the brand really matter? (2003 Impala)

These are all the different brands of spark plugs for your vehicle.,2003,impala,3.4l+v6,1410433,ignition,spark+plug,7212

If the engine runs fine with no Check Engine light, don’t worry about it.



I agree with Tester. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But to avoid the infrequent problems with switching from the OE plugs I insist on using the factory specified brand and part number. Problems are rare but why go poking around looking for them.


I use OEM and have for years but use Champion or Briggs in my small engines. Back in 1968 I had Champions in my Pontiac and the mechanic that cleaned my plugs showed me the difference in his spark device between AC and Champion for GM cars. Others will disagree.

Did your mechanic have a Champion plug cleaning machine @Bing? I’m guessing that he had one with the voltage meter to test the plugs. It seems that 50 years ago labor was cheaper than the plugs. Of course cleaning took the glaze of the ceramic and caused the plug to foul quicker than a new one. But shops learned which cylinders were oil fouling the plugs and just cleaned them then switched them with another hole to get the most from them. Those were the good ole days so to speak.

Geez it was 1968. I barely remember what state I was in, but it was a little box with the sand blaster and the spark tester. He was a young guy, a racer, and just in from Seattle to open his shop and get out of the rain. He seemed to know all about ignition and carbs anyway.

It probably doesn’t matter, but I’d guess it’s safer to use one of the brand and part number choices listed in the car’s owner’s manual.

For many years I bought Champions and never had any problems with them, but I have used other brands when a parts store was out of the Champions, I never cared enough about the brand to make another trip and I never had a plug problem. The only time I ever sweated about changing plugs was with my 71 VW bus. Those always felt like they were cross threading, I finally decided to stop worrying about it and just slap them in. If one did strip, I would have done like the guys I knew who raced 3/4 midgets with VW engines and just take off the heads and put Helicoils in.

I have heard Japanese cars are fussy about the brand but doubt if I will ever need to change the plugs in my Toyota.