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Spark plug/spark plug wire set

So just wondering what’s everyone’s best opinion on spark plugs an wires an dist cap and rotor…
What would be the best spark plug, spark plug wire set, dist cap an rotor for my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V8 318???

I’d go with stock, nothing to be gained by ‘fancy’ stuff. Check out what rockauto has along those lines.


I second this. I have yet to see any “everyday driver vehicle” do better with non-stock spark plugs

Alright thanks for the opinions guys

Whatever the manufacturer recommends is the best choice. I use NGK for my Corolla and MotorCraft for my truck, Bosch for my prior car, a VW. No complaints with any of those. We see few complaints here about the Bosch multi-electrode spark plug version, but otherwise not many brand-specific spark plug issues.

Yep, Pemex for all. Nothing fancy.