Spark plugs



84 nissan P.u. 8 spark plug motor. I’m unable to get one of the plugs back in after changing plugs. Maybe I stripped it, is there a way to fix it. Car runs like crap. Maybe I just don’t have it in right. If anyone can help, please advise me. Thank you




[b]You could try chasing the sparkplug threads with an inexpensive tool called a plug thread chaser. Most auto stores sell these.

If that doesn’t work, then a threaded insert will have to be installed. But try the thread chaser first.



The old Naps-Z duel ignition engine. GREAT engine. Wife had same engine in her Datsun 510.

The plug may be cross threaded. When you get out look at a heli-coil repair kit.


I had this same dual plug engine in an '87 Pathfinder, it was a great engine. Wish I still had the truck but the body rusted out badly, still was running great at 240k though.