Corroded spark plug

can not remove a spark plug due to corrosion

pb blaster, time and patience, maybe a blow torch, or an impact wrench, so many options, what have you tried? What year and make and engine?

If you are not a pro mechanic it might be time to turn this over to a pro. If you just use brute force to remove the plug you might take all the threads of the hole with it. Then you are looking at a more significant repair.

More information, please.

Is this, by chance on a GTO Judge, thejudge? (only possible clue I could find)

What are you working on?? Use a half inch drive socket and ratchet or breaker bar. Try to TIGHTEN the plug a hair first, then break it lose…Unscrew it 1/2 turn and apply the JB Blaster…Work it back and forth a little and THEN unscrew it. If it sticks, apply more lube and screw it back in, then work it out…This will give you your best chance of saving the threads…Good Luck…

It might help to know what kind of vehicle but with tongue in cheek, I could say that there’s apparently a school of thought out there that thinks a damaged spark plug is a good enough reason to replace the entire engine.

I wouldn’t TIGHTEN a spark plug a hair if it is in an aluminum cylinder head. Too much chance of ripping some threads.

If it is an aluminum head, it is probably galled in. This is a process where the steel of the spark plug reacts with the aluminum threads, and forms micro-welds through electro-galvanic action. You’ll need the 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar to S-L-O-W-L-Y unscrew the spark plug out, hoping to break these micro-welds without ripping the threads out. If the threads survive, use anti-seize on the replacement spark plugs to prevent this in the future. I’ve used it religiously for 20 years.

If you can heat up the engine first…then spray a lot of wd40 or PB blaster in the spark plug hole…if you have a hole. Next try to just nudge the plug loose…if it moves a little…then tighten back to the same spot…try to loosen a tiny bit more…work it back and forth many many times in small increments…after you reach about 1/4 turn on it…spray more blaster in there and let it soak overnight…repeat the back and forth until you get it out. Its a slow and tedious process but one that I have used many times with great results. Its not a race…there are only negatives to going fast…i.e a stripped cylinder head for one…so SLOW DOWN