Spark Plugs or Confession is Good For The Soul

So 100,000 plus miles and I’m finally getting around to replacing the spark plugs on my 2006 Tundra Dbl Cab 4.7ltr. Yeah, I’m an irresponsible vehicle owner… That being said, I found the number four spark plug to be barely finger tight in its cylinder! The upper (outside) insulator was scorched as was the coil pack for said cylinder. Coil pack was also cracked and obviously in need of replacement. What’s done is done. I will be attempting to install a new spark plug and coil pack all the while hoping that the threads were not damaged beyond safe use. Will be using anti-seize goober juice on the threads, (closing the barn door?). Wish me luck or suggest suitable penance that does not involve removing and replacing the right bank cylinder head. How many Hail Mary’s for bad vehicle maintenance? And who is the shade tree mechanic patron saint?

IIRC there is a patron saint of lost causes - but it doesn’t sound like you and this engine qualify yet! I would rely on the muses Patience and Prudence. Also, use only the plugs recommended by the carmaker for this engine. Opinions vary on antiseize. Many plugs now don’t need it and it’s counterrecommended for those.

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Do NOT use anti-seize

Your typical ngk and denso plugs . . . one or both of them are probably oe for this truck . . . don’t require you to use the stuff

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100K miles on a set of plugs? Perfectly fine.


Well I’m 3/4 done with the plugs. Cylinder in question, spark plug tightened right up to spec. As far as the anti-seize, I’ll go back and take out the plugs and wipe off the stuff. They are OE specified NGK plugs. No sense in using it if not necessary and to avoid complications if harmful. Thanks you all for your patience and good input!

Job done, road test complete, all seems good. Gonna run some injector cleaner through, probably number 4 is carbed up due to inadequate compression/flame propagation.


Hold on now . . .

You’ve still got a misfire after replacing all the plugs and #4 coil . . . ?

Runs fine, I surmise, but he’s concerned there may be carbon buildup in #4. I would use Marvel Mystery Oil in the fuel for a couple tanks if I thought that.

St. Jude is (which makes sense as he is also the Patron Saint for hospital workers, and we sure feel that way during a full moon!). For those curious, the Patron Saints for Mechanics are Catherine of Alexandria and Eligius.

A mass of legend has gathered round the life of Saint Eloi, who as the patron saint of goldsmiths is still very popular with goldsmiths, farriers and car mechanics . He is the patron of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and all workers in metal, although English goldsmiths adopted St . Dunstan as their patron saint .