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Spark plugs misfiring, recent valve cover gaskets and well gaskets replaced

2004 Hyundai tiburon GT V6

First had replaced in the beginning of 2018 by a mechanic shop, same symptoms started again last month with misfiring when idle and steady worsening to acceleration and then driving. Replaced gaskets in the title (spark plug 5 and 6 were the culprits, so MUCH oil in them) and worked PERFECTLY, a week later same symptoms and progressively worsening faster than before.

I checked my spark plugs this morning, all clean. No oil AT ALL, hooray! But now I don’t know what the problem is! The valve cover was torqued to 10-15. RTV placed too.

Also, my check engine light came on for a day but has been gone since but the problem is worsening.

You can take your car to one of the big name brand auto parts store and they should be able to read the code that was thrown. That may give you a clue where to start looking.

They can read it even though it’s not on anymore?

Yes it will be stored in the ecu.

If the Check Engine light isn’t on, it requires a scanner capable of retrieving history codes.


No, most part stores do not have a scanner capable of reading history codes

It’s alright, I changed the spark plug wires and all is good :slight_smile:

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