2004 Jetta GLI - Sputtering - (My baby is sick ya'll)

Ok…so I drove my car last night about 120 miles and all was well. Got up this morning to go run some errands and the car started acting weird, sputtering. The check engine light was blinking on and off, then it came on solid and stayed on. WTF

I haven’t checked the code yet, but any ideas on where I should start would be appreciated.

Stay tuned for more on this topic.

2004 Jetta GLI
1.8 T
Manual Transmission
(My Baby)

The start will be to find out what code (or codes) is present. Otherwise the guessing laundry list may become pretty lengthy.

A preliminary question might be to ask how many miles on the spark plugs?


Check engine light flashing = severe misfire which could damage the catalytic converter

Get the codes read and report back, please

Did you recently get fuel?

VW ignition coils of that vintage frequently go bad, and will produce the symptoms you describe. VW voluntarily replaced millions of those coils in a service campaign. If your coil has not been replaced by VW, see if you can get your local dealer to do it.

Even if they tell you your car was not covered by the service campaign, your coil could still be the culprit, and I’m guessing it is.

@ok4450 Less that 10K on the spark plugs… @db4690 i did get fuel last night, please explain… @ jesmed my ignition coils were changed. I should be receiving my scan tool on Tuesday, I will see what the code is I check back in then.



While it is uncommon, bad fuel (the gas station will vehemently deny this is possible) can certainly lead to misfiring and all sorts of weird problems.

ok…so it turned out that it was a simple. I got my scan tool and scanned the engine. Turned out that there was a misfire on cylinder 2. Changed the spark plug and all is well.

Thanks for letting us know. Glad it was that easy.