Spark plug wire

2002 dodge neon 2.0 16 valve

how many ohms of resetance should my plug wires be at.

It obviously make a difference on the wire length. Also understand different manufacturers will produce wires with different variances. What you are looking for is what is the maximum resistance (per inch) your wires should be at. I know it is high, but don’t have your answer. Maybe get on the Dodge website and you can find your answer there. Or consult an service manual in the spec’s section.

How old are the wires. Maybe just replace them. I recommend OEM type wires as the fancy designer ones seem to have more problems than standard.

If they’re the distributed resistance type wires (graphite core) the resistance should be 3,000-12,000 ohms per foot. If they’re the inductance mag type wires (copper/nickle wound alloy core) the resistance should be around 500 ohms per foot.