Changing spark plug wires

is it hard hard to change spark plug wires on a 2003 dodge neone

No, it is extremely easy. Go out to your engine and pull one off. Then push it on again. That will give you the idea.

does brand name matter like bosch,

If your car is just stock (no added MSD ignition or anything like that), then brand won’t matter too much. The guys at AutoZone or whatever should have a list of applicable brands.

++A word of simple advice: When changing the wires, change them ONE AT A TIME! That way you don’t get confused as to which wire goes to which plug. Seems like common sense, but I’ve seen otherwise.

I would only add that I tend to buy lifetime warranted products when I can. In your case a set of life warranted Autolite plug wires runs about $31, compared to the Bosch at about $54.

To add to Steves’ advice on pulling wires off:

Do not pull on the wire itself, but on the plug wire boot. You may have to twist the boot to release it from the plug.

Handle the new wire boot the same way, making sure to push it on all the way or it may vibrate itself off and cause a misfire.

Like Velocity Boy said, one at as time.

BTW, what is the need for change? The majority of spark plug wires will last the life of the engine.

Just avoid the cheapest ones and don’t get Belden.

Just avoid the cheapest ones and don’t get Belden.
Just curious. Isn’t Belden NAPA’s lifetime warranty wire set? I’ve been using them with good results. I’d be interested if you’ve had problems with them.

I suggest sticking with OEM or second best, a standard known brand. Don’t buy El-Cheap-O or any of the expensive designer stuff.

well it a 2003 dodge neon 4 cyl runs great, i took it to a jiffy lube and said i need new ones, the stock ones look good no tears in wires…

oh it has 68,000 miles i do always change the plugs on regular baisis

Aha! The common expert advice here is “never go to those quicky lube places, even to ask for directions.” For myself, I trust them to change the oil – as long as I watch them do it. But I would be suspicious of any other advice they give, and I would not let them change even an air filter.

Now, that does not mean that your plug wires are not bad. And “looking OK with no tears” does not mean that they are good. But 68K miles is well below they typical life of the plug wires. What is Quicky Lube’s basis for recommending that the wires be changed? (“To make us money” is not a valid reason.)

But the parts are not expensive, and the comfort might be worth the cost to you. If you do decide that they should be changed you will be fine doing it yourself. Just follow the good advice you are getting here.

Beldens are, or were, OEM for Chrysler for years, and I find them to be high quality, with no radiated noise to the ignition. They never cause flashover, and I get 34 mpg from a 92 Daytona with 282K miles. Show me why that’s bad.

James2006… thank you for posting this request… I need to know how to do this myself… Now I know thank to the guys!