Spark Plug Replacement


We have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan coming up on 50K. User’s guide says plugs on the 3.8L engine do not need to be changed until 100K. Is that too long to wait?


Define "too long."   The plugs will likely function properly for 100,000 miles.  They may be easy to get out after 100,000 miles, but many are very difficult to get out after  100,000 miles.  I suggest replacing them and the wires at 50,000.

I suggest using the same model brand and heat range plugs that came with the car.  I also suggest using OEM wires.  Don't buy the expensive designer wires.  

In the long run I believe that it will cost less and be far less aggravating to replace them now.


Joe, come up to date. The new plugs have an anti-sieze plating that allows 100,000+ change intervals with out sticking.

I remember trying to change the O2 sensor on my 90 Dodge Colt, never got it out. It was only 2.5 years old with 60 miles at the time. Last year, I changed the O2 sensor in my Nissan truck after 9 years and 130k miles, it came right out. The plating really works.

Note, do not use an anti-sieze paste with the anti-sieze plating.