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Spark plug blow out

I have a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis. My spark plug blew out. It sounds like a lawn mower. What is the cost of repairing this?

The cost varies based on a number of factors along with the location of the spark plug hole.
It shouldn’t be too bad; 100 bucks up maybe? Do not buy into the premise that the cylinder head must be removed or replaced to do this. A Time-Sert or Heli-Coil will work fine.

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A strong caution . . .

Install a time-sert

NOT helicoil

NOT some store-brand insert

ONLY time-sert

Just curious, but why no Heli-Coils?

I worked for 2 VW dealers and we got the air cools in all the time with blown plugs. This was caused by people overtightening them and the awkwardness of changing them and even with a 6 to 1 CR they would let go.
We used nothing but Heli-Coils.

I’ve used HCs in the repair of the cylinder heads on my 1950 Harley Panhead with no issues.
Just wondering is all.

time-sert is the superior product . . . in this very specific instance . . . when dealing with plugs blowing out on a 2V Triton engine

Maybe heli-coil is boss in other instances

But not this time

I’ve seen all other inserts . . . except time-sert . . . blow out repeatedly on these particular engines

I’m obviously biased, but I’m also speaking with some experience . . .

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Point taken and info appreciated.

At VW the HC kits were provided by the dealer and is what was recommended by VW.

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I’m not sure if the time-sert brand was around when air-cooled VW engines were still in common use