Spare Tires and Balance

How many of you all get your spares balanced?

Once the spare is balanced it stays balanced unless something fails in the tire itself.

But most vehicles today come with either a limited service spare tire or no spare at all.


I don’t recall ever seeing balance weights on a compact spare wheel/tire, I don’t believe there is much benefit in balancing the spare tire.

I’ve seen them on the spare tire for a pickup.



Of course, trucks come with full size tires that require balancing. Not everyone drives a truck.

If we all don’t drive trucks, there would not be any trucks. You meant we don’t all drive trucks.

Get your spare tire balanced.
BTW this message board looks down on those with spare tires that are more than ten years old.

In the old days of full size, steel rims, and wheel covers (‘hub caps’) some people would do five tire, tire rotations. In that case, yes the spare would routinely be balanced.
Only twice in my 50+ years of driving have I needed the spare. Once on a pickup, full size spare, once on a car, compact spare.

Most tires these days are the small ones that are limited to 50 miles and reduced speed. No need to get them balanced. The only time I’d ever balance a spare was decades ago when I’d do a 5 tire rotation. Last time I owned a vehicle that could do that with was in the 80’s.

I’ve always balanced my truck’s full-size spare tire.