So what about Rebalancing of wheels

NOT going to read the Tire Rotation thread.

So with tires lasting almost as long as the car, should the mounted tires be rebalanced midway or 2/3rd of expected mileage? Regardless of indication of out of balanced wheel?

Why would you want to balance the rims if there are no indications that it’s needed?

Personally, I only balance my rims when I feel the steering wheel shaking at freeway speeds.
And when I mount new tires or repair tires, of course.

I agree. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. I look at rebalancing is a “repair” item, not necessarily a maintenance item…if that makes sense.

Find a shop that can do it right ,to begin with and it probaly wont need to be done again-Kevin

I Agree With db4690, dagosa, And kmccune On Rebalancing Of Wheels.


If the wheels are balanced properly, they should not need to be rebalanced. However, there’s too much poor integrity out there to make any assumptions. If the wheels aren’t rolling smoothly, rebalancing is the first thing to try.

db4690 Did I miss something? Who mentioned balancing the rims? And where did longprime get the idea that tires would last the lifetime of a car?

Boy if my tires lasted the lifetime of the car I would be disappointed in the car. I consider balancing and alignment as an needed expense. New tires balance needed unless you lke a shimmy and shake as you drive. New tires, alignment check at least, but to me tire wear patterns are the best indication of need for an alignment, if there are no drive-ability or tire wear problems.

@EllyEllis “Who mentioned balancing the rims?”

This thread is titled “So what about Rebalancing of wheels”

So . . . OP mentioned balancing the rims.

Have you ever mounted tires?
Have you ever repaired tires?

Where do you think the balancing weights go?

I’ll give you a hint.

They do NOT get attached to the tire.

Why is it that nobody had a problem with my terminology “balancing the rims”

Except you.

Are you aware that the terms “rim” and “wheel” are essentially interchangeable.

I’m not being abusive. I’m just pointing out a few things and making some observations.

Perhaps you should think twice about questioning the terminology of someone who clearly knows a few things.
I’m not even sure if you’re criticizing me, by the way.

Free advice.

I know somebody will probably flag this.

But I said what I felt needed to be said.

Just an FYI.

Those of us in the tire industry tend to use the term “rim” because it’s the “rim” that completes the air holding portion of the assembly. In some cases, there is only a rim. But in many cases, there is also the “spider” - which is called a “wheel”. From a tire’s perspective, it’s always correct to use the term “rim”

And there are other variations. We have seen people use the term “tire” or the term “wheel” when they meant the whole assembly. Heck, I’ve even seen people use the term “tire” when then meant the metal part - the wheel.

So I wouldn’t worry so much about the terminology.

But if you want to try to change the way people do things…“It’s better to use sugar than vinegar.”

2 comment my dad always balanced tires 1x a year he was a old person off polish desent and never fix it if not broken and when broken fix it himself 2nd when buying new tires I found if you apply for and use there credit card you get all kind of goodies 1 is free rotation for life of tires and some times free balance or if you use the card and have all oil changes done there some times you can talk them into a balance for free I have!

Db, this post replaces a post I made in error after making a hideous assumption. I(f you saw that post, please allow me clemency. If not…whew!!

TSMB he was responding to ellyellis, no you.

Oh, good Lord!

Db, please accept my deepest, sincerest apology. I’m extremely embarassed at haveing made such a huge and inexcusable mistake. I don’t know how I could have made such and error, but I’m embarassed and plead nolo conteste.

Please forgive. Me. It won’t happen again.

Texases, I cannot thank you enough for correcting me.

db4690 Please excuse me! I thot the OP was talking about balancing the tires. And of course, the wheels are involved it that.
BTW, how do you highlight someone’s name on here when you are addressing them?

@EllyEllis, you put the @ sign before the name of the person you wish to highlight.

@cdaquila Thanks, I have wondered about that for a long time. My name did not show up in blue tho.


I believe that I got mixed up when I read the OP’s question, “So with tires lasting almost as long as the car, should the mounted tires be rebalanced midway or 2/3rd of expected mileage? Regardless of indication of out of balanced wheel”"? He asked ““should the mounted tires be rebalanced midway or 2/3rd of expected mileage?”” That is why I was confused when folks started tallking about the rims. MY Bad!! I will look closer next time.

Hey all,

Come on now lifes too short to argue over technicalities. Tire = the rubber tire, thats obvious,
Rim = the metal cylinder that retains the air and provides a seal to the tire lip, Wheel = the complete assembly of the tire mounted on the rim. And yes I did work at several shops growing up replacing tires so my terminology was accurate then as it is now. Technicaly using my terms you balance the wheel not the rim you can only balance the tire on the rim you dont balance them seperatly. OK now my rant is over.
That said yes everyone here is right with one exception… If you put the heavy lugg mudd tires on your vehicle (the ones that look like they belong on bigfoot rather than a normal car) then it is worth your while to balance them more than once. Why? because 1) they are not perfectly symetrical and the wear patterns can differ tire to tire and 2) They are ruddy expensive if I invested that much money into those tires I would try to make them last as long as possible. But hey thats just me.

Take care all,