Spare Tire


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do to get the spare tire out of my '99 Ford Ranger. Basically, the truck comes with a long key to unlock a lock between the tailgate and the bumper. Then you can lower down the spaer. I snapped that key off, without popping the lock out. Any ideas?


Is it actually a key, or do you just use one of the pieces used to crank up the jack?

Mine is just a long, slightly hocked piece of steel. The hooked end doesn’t operate a lock, it just helps keep it in place. I usually don’t use it though. Instead I use the biggest standard screwdriver that Craftsman makes. Push the end into the slot, under the tailgate and turn.


The spare winch is rusted so spray it with PB Blast, then use a different tire tool or a big screwdriver to lower.


Big screwdriver, why didn’t I think of that. The lock is pointless anyway.