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Spare keys

I am trying to discover my 4 digit PIN code so I may have a spere key made by a locksmith and not the dealer. Because the dealer wants a lot of $$$ to get it for me, a minimum 1 hour charge. I have a lockssmith who will do it for $20, all he needs is the pin code. My Frontier has a chip in the key.

Erm. . Not to be abrupt, but how would we possibly know your PIN code?

OK, maybe I’m giving the OP too much credit, but reading it I would guess he/she’s asking for possible assistance in finding out what it is…as in where can I look, or how do I hook something up to find it out…

You can try this site: http://www…emotes.htm

I don’t know if their steps will work or not - seems feasible, and I’ve heard about this trick from somewhere, although I can’t remember where. You didn’t specify the year (or very much else, for that matter) - I can only guess, so I guessed and went with an mid 2000 model, like 2005 to 2008. If they DO work, you should let us know, too.

On some Nissans, if you’re after the code that you use to unlock the door using the keyless entry pad ON the door, that is usually mounted inside the glove compartment, way up under the dash (it’s a small-ish metal box)…and from what I remember (having only done it once a few years ago), you had to know the existing code to change it. That part may be incorrect - it may be just dip switches. You may also have to remove the glove compartment door or the compartment entirely to get at it.

Good luck,

Thx for the reply Chase. First off I can’t get to the site you listed, incomplete? Yes I have a 2005 Frontier without remote entry. Just a key with a chip. That is used to activate the immobilizer system to start the vehicle. I have one key that works but I’m just trying to get a spare made. I’ve visited the Frontier forum site and they have a procedure to make a THIRD key when you have 2 that work. Let me know what the correct web address is and I will try it.

Don K

Try again…I went to the link for the 2005 model, so you don’t have to drill down that much further…

I copied the text from there, in case that link is bad, too…evidently you don’t need the PIN, but only the keys you want to program. Maybe you can even save that $20 the locksmith wants.

This procedure wipes out all existing entries, and starts again, so have ALL your keys in hand when/if you do this:

IMPORTANT: Before entering programming mode, have in possession all of the transmitters you will be using on the vehicle. Once you program the transmitter, all previous codes will be erased from the memory. The other transmitters will not be functional until you program the transmitters again.

  1. Close and lock all doors with the driver?s side power lock/unlock switch.

  2. Insert key into ignition and remove it from the ignition key cylinder at least
    six times within 10 seconds. Your Hazard Lamps will flash if you have performed
    this step successfully. NOTE: Withdraw key completely from ignition cylinder
    each time. If this procedure is performed too fast, system will not enter
    programming mode.

  3. Insert key into the ignition cylinder and turn to the ACC position.

  4. Within 5 seconds, push ANY button on the remote transmitter. Your Hazard Lamps
    should flash. NOTE: Do not press the button more than one time in the above
    step. If the button is pressed more than one time, the programming procedure
    will not be successful.

  5. If there are any remaining transmitters (including the old ones), unlock then
    lock all doors using the driver?s side power lock/unlock switch and within 5
    seconds, push ANY button on the next remote. Your Hazard Lamps should flash.
    Repeat this step for each transmitter (including any existing transmitters).

  6. Turn the key to the OFF position, remove keys from the ignition, unlock doors
    using the driver?s side power lock/unlock switch and open the driver side door.

Please bear in mind, these are copied from someone else’s site, I didn’t come up with them, and I cannot certify they work.

I used “nissan frontier key fob programming” as a search term in google, so you can follow all the links I did.

Good luck!

I think the instructions you posted are for the fob’s lock/unlock function not for programming the “transponder” chip in the key to the ignition immobilizer system.

From the same site re keys

This vehicle requires special equipment to duplicate a key.

  Click here to find a Locksmith in your area.

  This vehicle requires special equipment to originate a new 
 key when all keys have been lost.

 Here are are your options.
  1. Preferred Option: Call a mobile Automotive Locksmith to come to your
    vehicle to originate a new key. The Locksmith will then have to connect a
    special computer to your vehicle to program the new key.

    Click here to find a Locksmith in your area.

  2. Tow your vehicle to a Dealership and they will originate a new key. The
    Dealership with then have to connect a special computer to your vehicle
    to program the new key.

very sorry to say this
you need to bite the bullet and go to the dealer. the key must be programed through the computer.
some of todays systems only allow for a certain number of keys to be recognized by the system and it needs to be done by the dealer

Other options: check w/other local locksmiths to see if they need that PIN

Check local hardware stores to see if they do chip keys, I have a local ACE chain that does chip keys at one of their locations, they use a “cloner” that makes the new key seem to be the old key you give them. Only some transponder chip keys can be cloned, I am not sure if your ID4D(60) chip is one that can be cloned.

Take your one key and tape it to the steering column, hidden but as close to the ignition switch as possible, then get plain metal blanks cut. As long as the one programmed chip key is present and recognized by the immob. system your plain keys will work. Some people cut the metal off the transponder key so they just have the smaller head of the key to tape up. Some of the transponder chip keys allow the chip to be removed from the head in which case all you have to hide/tape up is some thing the size of a rice grain or two. Look at the metal key end of the head of your key and look for a small removable piece of plastic. If it is there that is the chip. Be aware that your car will be easier to steal now but if you don’t tell anyone who’s gonna know? Rental car companies do this to avoid customers losing expensive to replace keys.

Thx all who responded. I’ll try a hardware store and maybe taping my one key close to the ignition switch. I do have a spare metal only key thay just unlocks the doors. I’ll try starting the vehicle with it after taping my good one.

Because the dealer wants a lot of $$$

No one ever says how much the dealer charges. How much does the dealer charge?

I lost a key for my VW a few years back…that one cost me $200. $100 for the key, and $100 to reprogram the car to the key.

If you only have one working key, I’d seriously consider getting another one made. For VW’s, anyway, if you lose both masters, you have to replace the computer and keys. That would have run about $1200, and it requires at least one master to allow the car to be reprogrammed. I would imagine Nissan’s are similar.

So, that’s a VW cost, anyway.

If you ever run up against this again re a VW chaissos post me a message. I can probably help hook you up for about $50 (and maybe a brew) a VW key, cut, full remote fob, immob. programmed, done. Does depend a bit on where you live re the immob. prog. though. If it’s for your '01 the program and cable are very cheap to buy these days, China is good for some things, VW is a top seller there. I’ve done many a VW key, I can do them for even less if you can deal w/a used fob, I just throw a new immob. chip in them, pin in a new key, prog., done.

Thanks…I’ll keep that in mind.

From your posts, though, It didn’t seem like you were anywhere near me (South Texas). Hopefully I won’t be here long. I want to move back to Florida. :slight_smile:

It was a long time ago (2002), and I haven’t lost any keys since (knocks on wood). I don’t even know how much longer I’m going to keep the cars, since the wife wants an automatic (medical issues are starting to catch up to us), and I need to keep some sort of SUV/truck for my boats.