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I have no idea what any of that means, but suggest you sell it to the Federal Reserve, or DOD, multi-billion$ orgs, the British government…none of whom have apparently been able to develop a system as effective as yours. From what I learned from The New Yorker investigation (suggested reading), a 17-year-old North Korean-trained whiz can outwit most sophisticated defenses, but yours would have him throw in the towel.

I see your point, VDC, but have no doubt that whatever remote loophole allowed accounts associated with BitCoin to be emptied will be very rapidly fixed by BitCoin’s huge numbers of brilliant experts. BitCoin processes multi-trillions of money, owned by some of the world’s most powerful interests. They will not allow it to be compromised. “Used for ransoms? Not our fault, or our business.”

Much of the problem is that employees let the criminals into the computer system. They are often duped by a clever email or are disgruntled and do it on purpose. We have spam drills every couple of months to make sure we are constantly on guard for dangerous emails. We even have annual mandatory training.

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If you don’t know then why even comment on it. There’s a HUGE difference between someone’s home computer and a business computer. Businesses need to stay connected all the time. That’s how they do business. My home computer does NOT. It only needs to connect to the outside world when I need it to. And I do that through a VM…which makes my system very secure.

If you don’t understand computers and how they work…then you should stay out of the conversation.


There are ways to even make that more secure. At my company we lock down emails. Only allowed emails through that are from a known email. A person can add their family and friends to the list. And sometimes legitimate emails get blocked…which are reviewed. But it really helps in keeping our systems secure. We’re also a small company which makes this very manageable. Larger companies like Microsoft, Oracle, GE - would be pretty much impossible to manage this type of system.

My old company was run like that. Infuriating. I worked on projects at the Naval Research Lab, and my company wouldn’t let me sign into their network from our offices because it was a data exchange system. Questionable data on a US Navy server? Really? Several of us complained and the dolts finally allowed us to interact with our colleagues. It’s people like them that give IT Security a bad name.

I don’t understand the technical stuff you wrote, nor do I need to. I know that if I or my company had developed a system that prevented electronic ransom and hacking, and it was better than any system developed by any government, any agency, any technical giant company, any other person or country in the world, I’d say “Move over, Bezos, a really rich man is coming through.” I suggest readers interested in the facts about electronic ransoms/hackings read The New Yorker investigation and report. There are others almost as detailed, but that one will do.

Good going! That will completely stymie the army of North Korean wizards trained almost from childhood in developing malware, the Ukraine criminal organizations, the Chinese military assigned to nothing but hacking, probably some brilliant Americans. :slightly_smiling_face:

If your insolent policy applied to automotive discussions then many of the regular members would be ostracized.

Is it difficult to have a civil discussion?

What we have here is a failure to communicate. We went VM at work for our servers Linux based, If you told me the something in the car world I did not understand, like may things now a days, I would listen and smile even though I do not comprehend. No need to be offensive for sure.

Re-Read what I wrote. My hacking prevention works for a persons individual personal computer where you don’t need to be connected to the internet. It doesn’t work for a company that needs to be connected to do their business. There are different security solutions for companies and a persons home computer.

And I NEVER said my system couldn’t get hacked. What I said was because I use a VM as my only connection to the internet…that may get hacked. But because it’s isolated from my laptop it keeps my laptop from getting hacked. And if my VM get’s hacked…I just delete the files and restore from a backup.

You can comment all you want. But to make an INFORMED comment you need knowledge (which you do NOT have).

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The subject was and remained electronic ransoming of corporations, wealthy organizations. Not individuals at their PCs. I don’t need to understand your system, it’s not pertinent to the problem under discussion.
I don’t want to continually deal with moved goal posts. I consider my knowledge of how worldwide ransoms are done as very high. The details of the programs don’t matter, they’re just tools. If effective defenses are developed, ransomers will change the tools.
Let’s drop it.

Let’s drop it.

Best idea I have heard all day.


I sympathize, Renegade. I, too, was bored. I’d bet a nickel it won’t be dropped. But there’ll be no more from me.

Personal computers get held hostage also

@MikeInNH not sure whether you’re intending to, but whenever this subject comes up it seems to end up looking like you’re yelling at people. Telling them they’re uninformed or ignorant doesn’t keep a conversation going.


It’s encouraging to know that when North Korea attempts to ransom $100 million from Mike, his program will prevent it. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. And it doesn’t technically violate “Let’s drop it.”)

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Go back and read your own posts. I made a comment about how to stay safe on the internet. You then you questioned what I was saying…even though you admitted you had no idea what I was talking about.

Here’s what I said.

And here’s you questioning my response. You’re the one who took it in this direction.

And they have come after individuals. This isn’t new. Ransomware has been going on for years. The large Russian organizations go after the big fish. But that code is shared in the hacker groups all across the world. At least the idea is, which other hackers with actual programming skills repeat for their their own gain. Ransomware was originally designed to attack individuals.

A History of Ransomware Attacks: The Biggest and Worst Ransomware Attacks of All Time | Digital Guardian

I won a nickel.

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I wouda put 10 bucks on it to make it worthwhile.