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Sour milk smell

This is not a question… perhaps an answer. In the days of glass milk bottles a gallon of milk broke in my car… it was summer and within a very short time I had the problem that was discussed on today’s show. I tried everything, baking soda, bleach and nothing worked. My father, who was a very clever man, removed the carpet and drilled holes into the bottom of the car, turned on the garden hose and let it run for a couple of hours. The floor was kind of a well, with sides… perhaps a a couple of inches, so the water sat for a little while before running out slowly through the holes my father drilled. He plugged the holes, replaced the carpet and the smell was totally gone.

Your father was right. Getting the carpet out is definitely the right move. Trying to clean it up with the carpet in place is not going to do the trick.

Tomato juice has been know to remove the odor of sour milk.Saturate the damaged area with the juice,wait awhile, and then dab it up.

What Is Used To Get The Tomato Juice Smell Out ?