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Whining in engine

I have a Mazda Tribute 2002 that just had a transmission re-build. It came home and developed a whining in the engine that my 5 years old thinks is a cop in the distance whenever we’re going somewhere. He keeps looking for the cop. I want to know what the sound could be and how to fix it.

If this noise was never present prior to the recent transmission work, then I think it is more likely that the noise is coming from the transmission, rather than from the engine.

I would suggest that you take the vehicle back to the trans shop that did the work. Hopefully, they will stand behind their workmanship, but if you used a chain transmission shop, then all bets are off as to achieving customer satisfaction. Where was the rebuild done?

Thanks for the reply!
Actually, when I took the car to a local trusted mechanic (who also works for Delta), he told me that he heard a whining noise that he was concerned about. He mentioned it before and after the transmission repair. However, we never heard it until now. As a side note, when the transmission issue first arose, I took it to another local guy who hooked it up to the computer and said I had a selenoid problem. He told me the selenoid part would be 600.00 plus labor. My guy, however, said that’s not what it was and rebuilt the transmission. Don’t know if that has anything to do with anything, just throwing it in there!
Also, as a second sidenote, we have a clicking sound that my mechanic also mentioned. It also seems worse. I’m very concerned because my car is not worth all these repairs!

How many miles are on the odometer?
Has the engine ever been overheated?
Has the car ever been run with a low oil level?
Did you purchase it new, or as a used vehicle?
How often is the oil normally changed (miles + elapsed time)?

Some better descriptions would help. E.g. what makes you think that the whining is an engine noise? Lots of things can whine. Where does it seem to come from? Does it happen under any particular kinds of circumstances? Are there circumstances when it doesn’t happen? Is there something that makes it start? Anything that makes it stop?

Ditto with the clicking noise.

The car has 154,700 miles on the odometer. It has never overheated and I really don’t know if it has ever been run with a low oil level, but I think maybe once when I had it changed it was low. There was an oil leak caused from a gasket that was replaced during the transmission repair. We have the oil changed regularly as suggested. This last time it was done by the mechanic. We purchased this Mazda several years back from my father-in-law who kept it maintained perfectly including regular oil changes and regular check ups at the dealership per recommendations (30,000 mile?, etc.)
As for the sound, the whining is a fairly low noise that is not present upon cranking the car, but seems to begin with acceleration. It rises and falls with acceleration and deceleration. It appears to “wind down” as I am slowing down (WEEEEEeeeee… stop) at a stop sign. When the car is running but stopped, the noise is not present. I can give it gas, get out and listen and it will continue for a moment until the car returns to idle. It sounds like it is coming from the front left (if I’m standing over it listening under the hood - my left). It is overshadowed somewhat by the clicking sound which is another topic I’m sure (sticky lifters??)

Did the mechanic who mentioned these things to you actually do any investigation of the noises? It seems it might be time to just ask someone to do that. Given your description of the whining sound I’m going to guess at something having to do with the accessory/serpentine belt - a pulley bearing perhaps on its way out.

As for the clicking sound - got no real description there, but it would be best to have someone with experience actually listen. (Sticky lifters are one possibility, or a collapsed lifter or two if they are hydraulic).

The mechanic speculated about the sounds, but didn’t investigate them further. He seemed to have a bad feeling about the cause of the noise. I’ll it checked out. I hope this isn’t a costly repair, because the car is not worth all the money I’m putting into it, but I can’t afford a car payment. Yikes!
Thanks for all your help!!!

When you are driving the car, and you are hearing the whir, reach speed, and put the transmission into NEUTRAL. Result?
Does the clicking happen when you are in a slow turn, more than if you are driving straight? If in a turn, is it worse in a left turn, or a right turn? Results?

Putting the car in neutral doesn’t appear to change the whir sound. The sound goes right along with the movement of the car. It seems that the faster I go the stronger the whir is and as I slow, it also “winds down”. I can hear it the most when my foot is off the gas and I am braking for a stop. When the car stops it stops.

The clicking seems to be constant, but it doesn’t always click. Sometimes when I first get in the car it isn’t clicking. I rode it earlier for the first time and it was clicking pretty good, but when I got in it just now, it seemed much quieter. I had to roll my window down to hear it. It continues to click even when the car is sitting still with ignition on. Turns don’t seem to effect it.