Audio addition to '93 Silverado

Do not want to hook into current audio as it is a dino and cannot play CD’s. Also do not wish to use tape style converter.

So i have decided to add the cd player as a stand alone. I imagine it is as simple as running pwr, grnd and speakers?


If I understand you correctly, you want to add in a second entire sound system to your car instead of adding to the existing system. This is possible, but a lengthy process. What I suggest is to replace all of the wires along the path of the old ones. Replace the wires with a similar gauge. Then, just pull new wires in as you pull the old wires out. This will run your wires neatly and ensure that you have all of the proper hookups. If you want to upgrade the cheap wiring to the speakers to actual speaker wire, this will improve sound. Make sure you don’t forget your ground wire (you can probably just reuse the one that is there). Also, make sure you do not bypass the fuse box.

If you do it all from scratch, you will need:

Constant power line - this bypasses the ignition and saves your clock, preset stations, etc. This is usually lower voltage (check your car specs)
Ignition power line - this passes through your ignition. This supplies the power to turn on the radio when the car is on. This will probably be +12v (Again, check your cars specs).
Ground wire
Wires running to each speaker - Two wires run to each speaker to power it.

Good luck!

Thanks. Appreciate your detailed response.

I would like to see what you come up with for mounting as you must retain the “head” section of the radio as it controls your heating and cooling.

I do not plan to mess with the system as it exists. I plan a “seperate” install with the hope that I do not need to tap into the existing system. Surely this is possible? I imagine the only place I may need to tap into would be so that the stereo turns off with the ignition???

I find your comments kinda comical. I’ve installed radios in cars and trucks for over 25 years, and find the replacing and upgrading the factory radio far easier and cheaper than adding a separate system. Many places that sell radio/CD units also sell adapters that fit those radios in place of the factory systems and include wire adapters to easily connect the new radio to the factory harness. This eliminates having to run new wires. They also sell upgraded speakers to improve the sound quality over the old. Also, since the original radio is in place, where will you add the new unit? Under the dash?

Glad to be the comic. I do not have your eperience hence the posting. I have already run my speakers, pwr and grnd wires and will now tackle the unit install. It may well be a “a waste of time” to you but not to me. I plan to be successful and if that is not possible, then I will have to follow your route. Hopefully this comment causes you to smile once again.

Thanks for the post tho’. has plenty of radio’s/cd and maybe cassettes that will direct fit your vehicle. Swap your current radio out for one of those and be done.