Sound output from In-Dash CD Player


Dear Readers:

At unpredictable times, when I am listening to music from the in-dash CD player, the sound output cuts out for a second when I perform another electric function, such as shifting gears to park or reverse, or applying the brakes.

Can the dealer do anything about this matter? They tested the CD player and found no problem. I can not reproduce the issue for the service agent were we to take a drive, so they do not know what to do to the car?

Is the car’s CPU not operating properly?


Intermittent problems are ALWAYS difficult to find. If you can’t reproduce the problem…then it may be IMPOSSIBLE to isolate.

It sounds like a short some place. But where that short is…now that’s the hard part.

Along with mike’s thought, maybe try tying a temporary large ground cable from a beefy part of the frame to the radio and see if that fixes it.

I bet the radio has a loose ground somewhere and ‘found’ another path to ground that is now shares with something else. That path is higher in resistance than normal.
When that something else is turned on, a voltage drop across that path causes the CD player to be starved, causing it to die.