Interior lights and clock

My brother installed a CD player in my car a while back and did something wrong. The interior lights don’t work anymore, the clock on the dash resets to 1 o’clock when the car is shut off and the driven miles reset every time as well. I have checked all the fuses and they are good. Someone went in and looked at the wires behind the CD player and they didn’t see anything wrong. What could cause this issue? (Subaru Outback 2000)

Check Crutchfields, the radio and car may need an extra component.

Check the 15 amp fuse number 31 in the engine compartment fuse box. Also check that the negative battery cable and its wire to the car chassis are clean and connected tightly. He may have also used the ignition wire instead of the power wire in the harness connector in the dash. Although it is a pain to pull the stereo back out (especially those screws above the ashtray), do some research to double check that the CD player’s wires actually correspond to the functions of the Outback’s wire colors. In rare cases, just matching each wire color from the car wire harness to the CD player wire harness is not enough to ensure they are performing the same functions. The 2000 Outback harness has some wire colors that can be mistaken for others, like red/blue vs. blue/red. Does the CD player work perfectly? Have you used the fade and balance feature to make sure each speaker is wired correctly? For example, fade the speakers all the way to the front and balance to the right. If the sound is not only coming from the front seat passenger side speaker this could indicate a wiring problem. Does the clock on the CD player stay set even though the clock in the instrument cluster does not? (BTW, 1:00 is the default reset time, instead of 12:00 like most other cars). If the CD player clock does not stay set, then you have a general power loss instead of one that is only specific to the CD player. Good luck.