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Sound damping

I have all the interior panels pulled in the rear of my buggy to change the rear shocks (access the upper mount bolts). They go in tomorrow. I’m thinkin’ of lining the sheetmetal with sound deadener before putting the panels back. I hate to pass up the opportunity.

Anybody done this? Any advice, thoughts, critiicism, good jokes?

Dynamat, or something similar?

The only negative I’ve ever heard is it adds weight.

What’s your buggy, and do you care about a little extra weight?

I was thinking about Second Skin Damplifier, but they’re probably the same stuff. They both offer products designed to kill structure borne vibration as well as acoustical bounce. I was thinking of the stick-on rubber-on-foil.

The buggy is a 2005 Scion tC. The weight on this Damplifier stuff is .35lbs/ft2 (how DO I do that “squared” format?), and I’m probably looking at about 10 sq feet max, so I figure that’s tolerable.

An autobody supply store should be able to provide.

Those aerosol cans of foam insulation can work great on things like this. Not only does it deaden noise, work its way into tight cubbyholes, etc. it also bonds to the car body. Any excess is easily trimmed off.

There are only two disclaimers to this stuff. One is do NOT apply it into an enclosed area. In other words, don’t shoot it into an area and then immediately seal it off. This stuff expands after it’s applied and has the force to actually blow things apart, metal included. As long as there’s breathing room it will be fine.

Two is try to avoid getting it into any hair on your arms, etc. This will lead to shaving.
Hope that helps.

I dont see the weight being a factor

Never thought of using the foam insulation stuff. That sounds like it could work well.

I’ve used the sound dampening panels before. They work pretty good. Rubberized undercoating is another product that works well. You have to make sure you don’t plug up any drain holes.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed. I think I’m going to go with the sticky-backed rubber sheet stuff with an overlay of the wooly-mammoth type of padding. I’ve looked at some supplier sites and they all seem to offer the different options and make the same recommendations.

It may take me a week or so, during which time I’ll be driving around with my spare tire showing (pun intended for humerous effect), but I’ll post back with an opinion on how well it worked.