Sorry no car question

Tom & Ray

Not a car question, but a different type of question

I do wanna know why you stopped saying “this is NPR - National Public Radio” an now just say “This is NPR”

You won’t get an answer from Tom & Ray here. You’d need to find some way to send questions or feedback. This is just a general discussion board and as far as I know Tom & Ray don’t participate.

Tom & Ray don;t really visit here. It’s just us lowlifes.

This lowlife suspects that the reason is the same as why Federal Express changed to FedEx and United Parcel Service changed to UPS…quick recognition. The marketing gurus say you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention. If you miss that window, they’re gone. Shortening an introduction to an already recognised abbreviation makes the best use of that few seconds.

cigroller & mountainbike Thanks, but now I am really disappointed, this used to be the section of the site where us “lowlifes” (I am just as low :D) could contact Tommy an Ray

Go back to the email and chat link and click on “Send Email” rather than “Cartalk Community”

Thanks again cigroller! That indeed was the part I was looking for. Rich.