Something tells me this describes a number of us


Happy holidays everyone.


Merry christmas everyone & happy New year may it be better than last year. Also may your car’s have less problem’s than last yrar.


Reminds me of Candice Berger as “Murphy Brown” trying to wrap a Christmas present.

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Gift bags > gift wrap


Is there something wrong with that wrap technique then? Looks good to me! :wink:

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I guess we are all walking contradictions in one way or another. I can read a hymn melody and harmonize it on a pipe organ at first sight, and it is usually better than the one printed in the accompaniment binder, but my present wrapping is not so swift. Also, I am mildly afraid of heights and I nearly panic on a step ladder, but I will walk into Cedar Point and ride the tallest roller coasters there without so much as flinching…

In years past, I used newspaper to wrap presents

The presents were well wrapped, but I do acknowledge being a cheapskate, because I didn’t want to spend money on wrapping paper or gift bags

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In year’s past I used brown paper from the brown paper bag’s that most stores used to put your grocery’s in because I am frugal AKA cheapskate as my wife would say. I never could see spending good money on wrapping paper that went into the trash on Christmas morning.

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Our family was thrifty, wrapped presents in Sunday comics, One more hristmas to go, I think I may do that just to enlighten the critters!


You can buy gift bags. They are colorful paper bags with handles. Put the gift in the bag, crumple up some tissue paper and stuff it on top, and hand it over. No one will laugh at you.

We love gift bags. Years ago they were only for bottles of wine and spirits, but all department stores now have very attractive ones. They are infinitely reusable and all it takes is a piece of Scotch Tape on the top and tag for the recipient.

P.S. I usually add a bow as well!

When there were department stores, you could go down and have the wrapping done by college students for 50 cents. No one does that anymore so gift bags it is. Some smart guy had a display of bags with the paper and stuff in it all set up on a display. It looked so nice I bought it, but it cost $7.98. You can get a roll of wrapping paper for a couple dollars on the after Christmas sale. Still, gift bags can be recycled from year to year. I’d like to get that $8 one back though for next year.

Ebay in UK can gift wrap a car

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That is exactly what I do with most presents!

Just so that you are aware, most Dollar Stores sell the exact same gift bags that you see in department stores and other venues, but at the dollar store they cost… wait for it!..
Only $1!

Because savvy shoppers are aware of this incredible price disparity, the dollar stores tend to sell-out of gift bags a few weeks before Xmas, so it is best to get there early in the season, and then… stock-up!

I went into one of those one time and saw no prices. I had to ask the guy how much stuff was and he explained it was all one dollar. Kinda like an auto parts place though where everything on the shelf is $20.

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You have to be very careful about those “Dollar” stores . . .

Around here there are several variatons . . . dollar store, 99cent store, and even some others

Several of them have items that are priced far higher than a dollar

I consider that to be rather deceptive

Yes, it can be somewhat deceptive, and that variation caused an old college friend of mine to change his eating habits. Because he is under the delusion that he might “run out of money” if he is “extravagant”, he won’t eat anything that costs more than 99 cents. :roll_eyes:
Yes, that limit severely restricts his diet, and this likely explains his declining physical and mental health.

To keep things on an automotive note, my state’s Attorney General brought legal action against one of the “dollar” chains a couple of years ago because they were selling motor oil that was graded as “SA”–ergo, it would destroy a modern engine fairly quickly.

Luckily, none of these problems exist with things like gift bags. They are identical to the ones at department stores, and even if they are priced at more than $1, they will still be far cheaper–for identical merchandise. And, the best news of all is that cheaper gift bags will not endanger your health or the health of your engine. Your gift recipient will have no clue that you bought it at a substantially lower price.

Yeah . . . I recall that we talked about it on this website

That said, it was a perfect example that people really need to read labels AND their owner manuals. Had they done so, they would have realized that the motor oil was unsuitable for over 99% of the vehicles on the road today

The only vehicle that MIGHT be okay with that dollar store engine oil would be George’s 4x4 Ford F-150 from the early 1970s, since he prefers to be mysterious and won’t tell us the actual model year

As for his Corolla, he continuously refers to it as an early 1990s Corolla . . . but I have a mind like a steel trap. At least once he slipped and referred it to as a 1992 Corolla, and I don’t forget details like that :imp:

speaking of those types of stores . . . things have really changed over the past few years

It used to be that the majority of the customers used to be people of very limited means

But judging by the vehicles in the parking lots, that has changed. Pretty much anybody, rich or poor, old or young, now shops there

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If I remember right George also slipped with his truck one time & he refered to it as a 1974.

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Off topic but in my travels I noticed that the “dollar” store and their variations seem to have new buildings in reasonable locations. I thought to myself how they could possibly do that much business at a dollar a piece to pay for it all?