It's a lot cheaper than replacing your fuel pump

… but I can’t imagine that gravity feed works very well with fuel injection.
And, then there is the range limitation…


Oh oh. It’s a diesel container.


How do I replace the fuel tank. First peel off duct tape.

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I’m wondering if that gas or water.

If it’s gas, why would they need such a thick line and where’s the fuel pump? Doesn’t this engine needs pressurized fuel delivery?

It could be water that goes right into the overflow tank.

Looks like a cargo strap to me not duct tape :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

That is water, the line is connected to the radiator.

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I guess that’s why they check receipts at Walmart. I try to avoid the place if I can as well as the dollar stores. I was in there once and saw no price stickers so asked the manager what the price was. His answer of course was a dollar. Guess that’s why it’s called a dollar store. Who knew? See a lot of “please help, out of gas” signs there too, even with the Salvation Army next door. They issue gas, food, and even motel vouchers, so no need to stand out in the cold parking lot.

There used to be a “dollar store” (now departed) in a nearby city, and their sign stated;
“Everything is a one $ dollar”.
This has been brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.


Okay, that makes sense.
Thank you.
So, I will revise my original comment to read as follows:

It’s a lot cheaper than fixing your cooling system, but then there’s the question of range limitation with that faulty radiator, or hoses, or thermostat, or head gasket.

And, then there’s the issue of cutting out a portion of the hood for this jury-rigged “repair”.


You made me look again. Is that a board along side of the fender? It may be more than what just meets the eye. Maybe the guy rigged up a hydrogen fuel system? Or maybe an evaporative air conditioning system. Who knows?

I guess we all jump to obvious conclusions which are sometimes wrong. I’m still ashamed of myself for one. We were out at a boat landing grilling hot dogs after boating and a boat pulls in to shore with a huge man sitting in the back of the boat. The guys loaded the boat on the trailer with the guy still in it and we all thought how crazy to not get out of the boat and make his friends do all that work. When they were about ready to pull out one of the friends comes over and just explains that the guy is crippled and has to be hoisted in and out and this was one of his few pleasures to get out for a boat ride. This was rural Minnesota and not a big deal to anyone to have the guy riding in the boat a short distance to the farm.

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The hood was worth $50 before it was cut, some people have no respect for the preservation of 20 year old minivans.

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Hence one of the ‘Yo mama’ jokes.
Yo mama so dumb she asks for a price check at the dollar store.

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Hey, you mockin’ me? You mockin’ me?? I guess I just wasn’t fully understanding the idea of a dollar store and never been there before.

I should add, It’s joke son. But I did ask at the Dollar store. Dollar stores were just not part of my culture. Surplus stores, yes. Dollar stores no.

There are Dollar stores where everything is a dollar, but to confuse the issue there are General Dollar and Family Dollar chain stores.


… and then there are also “independent” dollar stores. There used to be one which had a sign in its front window:
Everything is a 1 one dollar $

Apparently the owner was a member of the Redundancy Lovers of America.

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dollar stores are great to by cards. .50-$ 1.00. it beats $5.00 for the same card.

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Since we’re onto dollar stores. I used to love Caribou Surplus on Water St. in (obvious) Caribou Me. Shopping there was exciting because the store looked like it could have fallen into the river at any moment. Tons of great stuff. It wasn’t all a dollar but it was cheap.

Remember when motel 8 meant $8 a night!

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Should say “cheaper then replacing FUEL tank.

Yes, greeting cards are a very good buy at dollar stores. You just have to be careful to not automatically assume that their prices are always lower than at other stores. A couple of years ago, I bought a $1 item (a can of Ajax cleanser, IIRC) at a dollar store. A week or so later, when I was in Walmart, I noticed that the same item–in the same size–was only 89 cents.

And, just to keep this on an automotive theme, let’s not forget that, for several years, Dollar General was selling SA grade oil, which isn’t appropriate for any gasoline engines built since the 1930s. In a world where trademarks are commonly counterfeited, I would not buy motor oil in a dollar store even if it was labeled as complying with the current SN standard.

Dollar General Motor Oil Lawsuit Settlement Reached |