Something leaking from car

what does it mean if i have a leak under my car… I ran into some construction on the road yesterday and now its leaking (oil i think) and died (would restart then died again) and how much should this probably cost to fix on a 2000 VW bettle

Have you checked the oil level??? Don’t even try to start the car until you have determined the oil level is correct.

You’re not giving us enough information.

“I ran into some construction on the road yesterday . . .” OK, fine. Many of us encounter road construction every day and don’t suffer any damage to our cars. When you encountered this “road construction,” did some part of your car actually strike something? The oil pan, perhaps?

If your car has been leaking oil from an impact (especially if it quit running), the odds are there is some serious mechanical damage, but again, you have not provided enough information.

Did the oil pressure warning light come on? Did the Check Engine light come on?

C’mon, Zepo, tell us what REALLY happened. Don’t hold back, let it all out. We need to know, otherwise we can only guess at the damage and the cost to repair it.

i dont know how to check the oil …

convertible? I only ask because the skid plates are WORLDS apart.
hard top?


good luck!

Uh oh. Find someone who does, or break out the owner’s manual.

Yes it hit due to how uneven the road was where the construction came into play i tried to go past it but my car rides low and is small so it hit where it was higher up. there was a blue light with lines on it that looks like there is water on the bottom and a red light flashed for a minute that looked like an oil can then the battery light for about a second then it died… immediately was able to start it again long enough to get home (i had only made it a block or two away) and then it died again… does this help at all… im sorry and i appreciate any help i know nothing about cars

its a hard top… what are skid plates

ok… my roommate tried to help me and if we were checking the right one it is completely out of oil now

It sounds like you continued to drive it when the oil light was on. As your owner’s manual will tell you, this light means to stop the engine immediately. You very likely just ruined your engine and cost yourself thousands of dollars.

well you have the weaker of the 2 plate designs,the conv actually has structural integrety.

they protect the under side of the vehicle,(the important parts)oilpan ect.

and some plates actually affect the cooling of the engine and A/C system.

good luck

no this just happened yesterday and i didnt notice the leak until i pulled out of my parking spot today and only made it a block or two away then turned around and parked so i could have it towed

I have to agree with lion9car that you likely destroyed your engine by continuing to drive it after the oil light illuminated on your instrument panel.

A car is a major investment, and as a result, owners owe it to themselves to read the Owner’s Manual in order to learn some basic information (how to check the oil, the meaning of dashboard warning lights, proper fuel octane, etc.), as well as maintenance information relating to the car. Unfortunately, your failure to read this booklet has contributed to the severe damage that your engine likely sustained.

But, to return to the original question, I would suggest that you have the car towed to a trusted mechanic for evaluation. DO NOT attempt to start the engine again!

If, as I suspect, your engine is now toast, then you will have to decide whether to invest in a new/rebuilt engine at a cost of several thousand dollars, or to go out and buy a new car. If you decide to have a new/rebuilt engine installed, this would be the time to make sure that you are up to date with maintenance on the transmission and to have the brake pads checked. I could be wrong, but I suspect that this car might not have been maintained as it should be, and if so, failure to bring it up to date on maintenance at the same time that you invest major $$ in a new engine would be very shortsighted.

Whichever course of action you take, be sure that you read and understand the information in your Owner’s Manual so that you can avoid this type of situation in the future–whether with this car or with other cars that you will own. Failure to read and to follow the information and the maintenance advice that is sitting in your glove compartment is invariably a very expensive oversight–as you have found.

Good luck. Please post back with information on what the mechanic tells you about your engine.

Fortunately, just because the oil doesn’t show on the dipstick doesn’t mean there is no oil at all in the crankcase. The dipstick only measures the top 2 or 2 1/2 quarts. Not that running this low on oil is good, mind you.

Regardless, it sounds like you may have punctured the oil pan. You’ll need to get it towed to a shop. If you are really lucky, engine damage (other than the oil pan) may be minimal.