I went to get an oil change about two weeks ago and a couple of days later my car started leaking oil. Or at least I did not notice it until a couple of days later. I went back to the same mechanic and told him about it. After he took at a look at my car he claimed that my oil pan is “wrecked” and that my old mechanic “fucked me” (I only changed mechanics because I moved and didn’t want to drive an extra 100 miles for just an oil change). He kept saying that my old mechanic used silicon on the bolts of the oil pan in order to seal up a leak. Well here’s the thing: he put in an oversized bolt to temporarily fix the problem and he did this without asking me first. I called my old mechanic and he even confirmed to the new mechanic on the phone that he never used any silicon on my car and there’s proof on my old invoice that my oil pan was still fine until I went to this mechanic. I confronted the mechanic several times and he kept saying that it is my old mechanic and when they did the oil change they “missed it”. Also, after I confronted him again he kept saying that my car is a 2006 and already “old” and that this completely normal. But I think this sounds shady because he keeps changing his story and also he should have noticed if there was any damage on my car when he did my oil change and not after it started leaking, right? Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do about this or if this is normal? Everyone I have asked so far thinks my new mechanic broke my oil pan by tightening the bolt too much.
Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s anyway to know without pictures what exactly is leaking or how to repair this. But if the leak didn’t start until your most recent oil change, I tend to think your current mechanic either caused the problem or was remiss in not notifying you of an impending problem.

As an aside, as a professional auto technician, I strongly suggest you never deal with your current mechanic again. Saying your pan is “wrecked” and that someone “f?$cked you” is inexcusable. There’s a level of professionalism to be maintained. This guy is an embarrasment.

It’s difficult to determine what is actually leaking and who did what, but I agree with asemaster about the current mechanic.
Using the words he used is purely non-professional and sounds like he is playing a game of “gotcha” with the original mechanic. That’s a trait which is really not that rare…

Mechanic #2 screws up and blames #1? Customer cannot prove anything. So, joke and blame is on #1? At least mechanics are held in such high regard. Great profession.