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Some kind of ABS or related issue

Posting this for a friend.

The car is a 2004 Suzuki SX4. When he’s driving normally, some times it’s going to have a kick and the RPM bumps to 3000 and the ABS and ESP lights stay on. When the lights stay on, the car power when the pedal is down is reduced/absent.

If the computer detects serious engine or transmission problems it will often turn off the ABS and ESP systems. The reason is that the engine must be working properly for those systems to do their job safely. I doubt the kick/RPM jump symptom is related to the ABS or ESP system. This sounds like a transmission problem to me. Especially so if it is an automatic.

Yeah it’s a CVT.

2004 Suzuki SX4… 2004 is the model-year, Suzuki is the make
Is SX4 the actual model or is it a type of an Aerio, Forenza, Vitata, Grand Vitara, Swift, XL-7, or Verona?
I’m trying to help by looking up the car, but I don’t have a listing for 2004 Suzuki SX4. My only 2004 choices are listed above.

I owned a Suzuki dirt-bike, once, but there are no Suzuki cars within a couple hundred miles of me.

Here are images of the car.

It’s the hatchback version he has.