(SOLVED) Car won't start and multiple systems no longer work after battery issue


The battery on my wife’s 2012 xB went bad and we were going to try to get the car running to go get a new one. I took the battery out of my F250 and tried to connect it, but I got a bunch of sparking and the horn went off and I heard some rapid clicking. Not sure why it did that since it’s just another 12v battery, but I have to imagine it was a problem because now the starter doesn’t react at all.

The windshield wipers, turn signals, and electric mirrors don’t work either, nor will the radio turn on. The keyless entry responds with the noise, but does nothing to the locks. Other electrical items like the headlights, dome lights, hazard lights, etc. still work.

There’s also a strange whirring sound coming from near the alternator when we turn the ignition to “on”.

I’ve checked all the fuses and replaced the blown ones, but still nothing. I’ve tried tapping the starter solenoid to see if it was “fused”, but still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated. I really hope I didn’t somehow fry some wiring. I’m not able to fix that myself.

Thanks in advance.

This reads like you installed the battery backwards into your Scion XB. Could that be possible?


That was my first thought, also. I hope that both I and Mustangman are wrong, but…

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I agree with Mustangman. you should also check to see if any relays are bad and any wiring or wire connectors that got burnt up.

Thanks guys, this was solved on another forum yesterday. The main fuse was blown in a spot I couldn’t see at first. I’ll have to get a new one, but the car runs normally if I bridge the connection.


Thanks for getting back to us with the solution. Also, stop back and join us for other discussions even if you don’t have a problem. I’ve participated for years but not because I know a lot. I do it to learn from people that do know a lot.


Glad you got the problem diagnosed. When removing car batteries, the advice here is to disconnect the negative side first, then the positive. When installing a battery, connect the positive side first, then the negative. This order reduces chances of undesirable sparks & current surges.