Raining lead. Truck of despair. Im angry. 1995 GMC 2500

So my starter was bad and needed to replaced. So bought a new starter and hooked it up. Due to the fact it was dark (all i had was my cellphone flashlight under the truck) and i was tired; the power wire i thought i properly attached wasnt attached. It was just resting on the bolt next to the starter touching it. (I was unaware of this until what happened next) . So i went to reattach the power wire to the battery and my battery proceeded to spark catch fire and smelt lead until it started raining lead onto the fender well. I got pissed and gave up. The next night after getting an all new battery - (thank goodness i was able to get my battery replaced for free) i hooked the battery after properly attaching the starter wire. When i started the truck it fired up right away but the starter didnt disengage. It kept spinning. So i turned off the truck and it kept spinning until i disconnected the battery. What the heck?! Thought maybe i messed up the new started so i tested it and in worked perfectly off the truck. Whats wrong with the truck? THANKS ALOT!

How on earth did you get that battery replaced for free when it was obvious that you destroyed it?

Chances are the starter kept spinning because you hooked up the wiring incorrectly. But there’s also the possibility that by hooking up your battery backwards and not disconnecting it immediately you fried some of the electrical system. Go buy another starter, a service manual with a wiring diagram, and start over.

Hahahaha. Thats exactly what my dad said about the battery. I got the battery from costco about a month ago so it was still under warranty when i brought it back and they pretty much handed me a new one no questions asked. I had the guy at autozone test the starter for me and it passed on their computer system so he would give me a new one because it was fine. My dad was surprised any of this happened and pretty much said exactly what you just did as he laughed and walked off. Thanks alot!

There is something bigger here than meets the eye. My first guess you connected the battery pos lead to the wrong stud on the starter motor. recheck all connections is the best wag I can offer.

I think you just have the starter wires messed up and it will be an easy fix. I doubt that it has caused any problems because the battery cable was not even on the starters post.

It may just be close quarters and you accidentally bent over the small wire’s connector and it’s touching the large post of the starter.

Remember that you have two wires to the starter, The large one goes to the battery positive post, and the small one goes to the ignition.


Just curious, who exactly are you mad at ?


  1. You welded the bendix assembly mechanism or otherwise caused it to be jammed so it never disengages.
  2. The starter is not properly shimmed, enabling a part of the starter motor gear to maintain engagement with the flywheel ring gear.
  3. You got the wrong starter. And the gear remains engaged even with the bendix assembly retracted. If that’s true, than the starter is being spun by the flywheel after the engine starts.

I’m gonna go with (2). The mechanism that withdraws the starter gear from the flywheel ring gear is fully contained within the starter assembly, as are the contacts that enable the starter motor circuits. I suspect that the flywheel was spinning the starter after the engine started rather than the starter spinning by virtue of its circuitry being enabled. It became a “slave” to the engine.

+1 @the same mountainbike
Starter needs shimming or the wiring is screwed up.

Thanks for your help everyone! Just figured it out. It was as easy as @Yosemite said. The tab on the large wire that keeps it from spinning as you tighten the bolt was bent the wrong way making contact with the ground wire. I had to bend it back. And it fixed the problem. I sure feel stupid. I guess this is a perfect example of why its best to work on your truck when its day time. thanks again everyone. Now time to fix the hood release latch, replace the old radiator hoses and change ATF

When you do the transmission service, do not do a flush

Pan drop, change the filter and gasket, refill with Dexron 3

No need for the more expensive Dexron 6

Glad you got it and thanks for coming back and letting us know.

I Concur with Mountainbikes #2 Suggestion… The starter motor is being spun by the running engine…if you have 12VDC going to the starter Solenoid trigger wire constantly…the starter motor would be constantly trying to start the engine…before you even get the key in the ignition.
Mountainbike’s suggestion #2 should’ve nailed this one…Kindofa common occurrence.