Solve the Montly Puzzle

Solve the monthy puzzle

May morning ? cranks but does not turnover (sounds like gas couldn?t get through)

Tapped the gas a few time and then held the peddle down to the floor, it started. Blue smoke out the exhaust pipe.

Took to my mechanic ? put on the diagnostic machine, nothing & replaced a few spark plugs.

About 30 days later (June), same thing, cranks but does not start. Went into the store to make a call, go back 15 mins later, it starts as usual. (92+ degrees)

About 35 days later, (July) - again, cranks but does not start, I wait 15 mins, it starts. (94+ degrees, used air conditioner)

2 days later (today) didn?t start, waited 15 mins. fine. (heat index 108 degrees, used air conditioner)

Sounds like a dirty fuel injector getting stuck open periodically and flooding the engine. The blue smoke is typical for flooded engine. Hot days help the fuel vaporize easier, allowing the liquid gasoline to convert to vapor and escape the cylinder.

Use a mechanic’s stethoscope to identify the fuel injector that may be sticking. You’ll hear a healthy tic-tic-tic on the fuel injectors that are working OK, and a more dull tic or none at all on the suspect one.

P.S. Also remove and inspect the spark plugs. The one with the flooding condition should be black with soot.