High idle and then shuts off upon start up. Also lots of smoke

The car used to have a check engine light for a misfire on cylinder 2. I replaced the wires and now it smokes a lot upon start up and doesn’t want to stay running even when I hold the accelerator down. Engine revs up to 2000 rpm when you start it up then just rumbles back off and TONS of smoke is billowing out of the tail pipe. I also cleaned the injector out on cylinder 2 and that was when the problems with smoking and not staying running started.

How did you clean the injector?

So what ya working on? My crystal ball is broken so the oooom isn’t sending me the car, engine type or error codes.

Don’t you think that info would have been helpful to share if you want our help?


Sorry I’m new here but it’s a 2002 Mazda protege with the 2 liter in it. The error code was P0302 which is misfire in cylinder 2 but now it’s not showing the cel

I took it out and with some alligator clips I opened the solenoid and sprayed carb cleaner through it.

What color smoke? And has it cleared up after you cleaned the injector?

The OP said the issue with smoke started after he cleaned the injector.

It may have been smoking a lot already. I just may not have noticed.

You’re not making this easy, are you? Still, if it were smoking a lot I’d like to think you would have noticed.

A possible explanation for the symptoms is an injector is stuck in the 100% open state.