Solution it wouldn't start

It wouldn’t start
Not sure what is going wrong

Neither do I!


If you want any kind of answers at all you are going to have to provide some details about the problem other than wouldn’t start.

Right now it’s equivalent to calling a doctor on the phone and saying you’re sick without mentioning any symptoms. And no one even knows what kind of car is involved.


Is the engine even cranking over on this mystery vehicle?


If you call a doctor and say you are sick he will say go to ER if ur dying. Or make an appointment. Tow car to shop. Push car to shop. Get car to shop. Somehow get car near a tech.
I use AAA and whenever I call they ask if I am in a safe place. Well, I have had 10 cars towed in last 5yrs since I buy scruffy cars and I always laugh. They don’t know the details. Though the site seems to refer to roadside assistance. Which leans toward emergency calls. But it’s not always that serious.

Don’t you have to start it first?

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  1. You do not have the right key
  2. The anti theft system has you locked out
  3. You have not made payments to the Buy here Pay here lot and they immobilized it
  4. The DUI interlock has the car locked down
  5. You have the right key but are not turning it far enough
  6. You turn the key but hear nothing
  7. The ignition switch is bad
  8. The battery is dead
  9. The cables from the battery to the starter are corroded/broken
  10. The engine is seized
  11. The engine was stolen
  12. All you hear is a clicking sound when you turn the key
  13. The battery is bad
  14. Cables corroded
  15. You hear the engine try to start, rrrrrr sound, but it does not start
  16. The gas tank is empty
  17. The gas tank is filled with diesel
  18. Spark plugs bad
  19. Crank shaft position sensor is bad
  20. Timing chain/belt broken
  21. Someone shot a bullet in the engine

Without knowing at least a minimum amount of information we can’t provide you with any useful information to help you. Tell us more, what make, model year car, mileage, is the check engine light on? What is the history of the car, last oil change, last work done on it etc.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the information call AAA if you have it or call a tow truck and have it towed to your local independent mechanic and have them check it out.


I approve of #11 and #21 . . .