Car wouldn't start/was towed/now starts/mechanic clueless

My husband’s car wouldn’t start yesterday–even though the battery was fine. He could hear it getting “juice”, just wouldn’t start. He tried several times, hours apart. Called the tow truck, still wouldn’t start. Had it towed to shop. Mechanic went out this morning and it started right up. Mechanic says he has no clue what could have been wrong. Husband doesn’t want to ask dumb questions. I don’t mind. Could it have been the timing chain? Or is the starter a possibility? Help. please.

What make/model/year/miles? Can’t be timing chain or belt, car couldn’t have started later.

could be starter or starter solenoid, but we don’t know for sure, either. Sometimes intermittent issues develop with them.

I wouldn’t put any money or buy any part on this possibility, though.

Also helps to know year, make, model of car.

The same thing happened to me a few years ago. Car cranked but wouldn’t start. Even a push start didn’t work. Car was towed and the mechanic started it immediately.

Years later I still don’t have answer, but the problem never occurred again.

When an engine won’t start, and it’s much easier to do at the time of the no-start, two broad areas have to be checked: is the fault spark (ignition), or is it fuel (supply, or injection)?
The afflicted party (y’all) can do something to determine which is the problem. The engine may be flooded ( do you smell gasoline coming from the tail pipe?). Hold the gas pedal to the floor while you crank the engine. When (if) it starts, ease up on the gas. If no results, use a squirt of starting fluid in the intake. Try to start. If that makes no difference, check for spark from a spark plug. You can get a spark checker (cheap) from an auto parts store.
If you find a symptom that fits, tell your mechanic.

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Thanks for all of the input. The car is a 1995 Mercury Sable.

95 Merc Sable 110,000 mi

I had a similiar problem with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not only would it occasionally not start, but the problem progressed to stalling on the highway at 50mph. There was no pattern as to why/when it would happen, but it was scary as all hell. The mechanics chained the batter, starter/cellunod and within a few days I started having the same problem. When I brought it to a dealer they said it was the “crank sensor” and replaced it. I don’t know what that is or what it does but I never had a problem with stalling or not starting again.

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My 2003 MazdaTribute won’t start sometimes. It will chug chug chug. If I let it rest for a few hours usually it starts right up. Then I started having to let it rest over night and in the morning it would be fine. The last time it wouldn’t start for 5 days but now starts and sounds fine. Fuel injector? I just got a new ignition coil. They said the spark plugs were fine. The mechanics couldn’t find the problem that keeps causing it to happen. Distributor cap? Fuel injector/filter? Crank sensor?

Was it or had it rained when the car would not start?

Two words, fuel pump. I parked in the ramp 50 miles from home. Car didn’t start again. Towed the car 50 miles to home shop, and car started at the shop. Fuel pumps will sometimes start again with a little bouncing around.

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Crank sensor for sure!

My car won’t start intermentantly and when it’s towed it works and doesn’t show any codes. Ignition switch was replaced last time. It’s frustrating won’t a code show up if it doesn’t start. So maybe we can nail down what is wrong?

Make model year miles?

I repeat. It only cost me $100 for the 50 mile tow but started right up.

IGN switch is different then crank sensor.