Solenoid Replacement

I have a 1998 Camry maintained by same Toyota Service Department since purchased. Three years ago my engine light came on & the Service Department replaced a Solenoid located in my Oil Pan $400. Today engine light is on & They charged $90 for a diagnostic and now they say I need another Solenoid in my oil pan and it will cost $482. Each & every time I notice when they change the oil on this car the oil is always way overfilled. Can you tell me if the oil being overfilled would cause the engine light to come on? They told me they had to order the part, but while I was waiting the engine light went off and I notice the oil is now down to the full level mark.

When the engine light comes on you can take the car to AutoZone (or similar) and get the computer error code read for free.
Post the code(s) on this forum (they look like P0123) and we can be of more help.

I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot that I have not heard of and a solenoid in the oil pan is part of that.