Solar Powered Window Fan for Exhausting Cabin Heat

Can anyone testify that they have experienced good results with a Solar Powered Window Fan for Exhausting Car Cabin Heat? If so, what is your story? What make and model of fan worked for you?

I have seen them and I have had people with them tell me they help.  

I would suggest that if you are in a situation where they would likely help, you should give it a try.  It should not hurt anything.

I bought one once, I live in the southeast. After two days, I took it back. It only works when the sun is directly on it, but the sun keeps moving. The fan only works about a half hour at a time, then you have to move the car to line up the cells again.

The consumer advocates on a local TV station tested some of these things here in Oklahoma a couple of years ago.
They tested several different models with a number of thermometers mounted, etc. and their recommendation was save your money; a total waste that accomplished nothing.

I had one, but I can’t remember the manufacturer. It really didn’t do much good, but it was a great conversation piece. The volume of air moved was very little.

Canadian Tire advertised these fans like crazy back in April and May, then all of a sudden, the ads disappeared and they stopped selling them. I haven’t been able to find one in any Canadian Tire anywhere since the end of May. This leads me to believe that they probably don’t work all that well, or otherwise they’d still be available.

If it’s really bad, you might invest in a remote starter for your car. My mom has one and says it helps a bit, but it’s not gonna keep your car chilly like a good working AC will. Of course, she has a little 4dr Cobalt, not a Crown Vic.

^^^ You’re right that the Crown Vic has awesome A/C.

I meant in terms of interior space. One of those little window fans would help cool off a Cobalt more than a Crown Vic.