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Recommendation for a Cool Air Vent Cooler Fan

The one that goes on the window
When u park, it sends the hot air out.
Any product and place you would recommend?

I called around and Kragen has one that they recommend.


If you are talking about the solar powered window fan, it doesn’t work unless the side window points directly at the sun. Unless you move the car every ten minutes to align the window to the sun, it doesn’t work.

I had one of those solar powered fans and it was worthless. It was kind of a novelty, but it didn’t move much air. The motor bearings eventually became noisy. It was more a novelty. My coworkers noticed it. I would carry a coat out to the car and tell them that it kept the car so cool that I would have to put my coat on to be comfortable in the car. I did this when it was 90 degrees outdoors. I think I paid about $10 for this some 20 years ago. It was a waste of $10 except for the laughs.

Back in the '50’s-'60’s they made these swamp-cooler type deals that looked like an old Electrolux vacuum cleaner mounted in the side window(s)…They were powered by the passing air-flow…They did nothing except maybe raise the humidity inside the car…They were pretty popular because people thought they LOOKED cool and they were A Lot cheaper than air conditioning…