1997 Pontiac Sunfire doesn't like me

I have a 97 Pontiac Sunfire that belongs to my wife but I drive it to work because she now drives the minivan. Just wanted to point that out because I have made fun of this car multiple times since it is a very girly car. Anyway, It has is slowly becoming increasingly annoying. In the past year Multiple electronic things have been failing. The LCD on the radio no longer works. Radio still works, just don’t know what time it is or what station I’m on. The fan for the AC/Heater only works on the highest 2 levels. The most recent thing is that when I turn the windshield wipers off, they move to the upright position. When they are on they work normally but when they are off they are right in front of my face.

Any suggestions on how to put this car in its place would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you brought this on yourself by hurting the Sunfire’s feelings. It didn’t blow its head gasket or throw a rod so that it would go to the junkyard and be rid of you. It is just annoying you. However, there are cures. I don’t think the problems are related. Shine a flashlight into the radio dial and see if you can see the station numbers or the clock time. If so, there is a bulb burned out behind the display. This may not be too difficult to repair. However, a new inexpensive radio can be had at Best Buys or a host of other places for not a lot of money. The heater fan probably needs a new resistor pack which is not expensive. However, check all the connections coming from the dash control to the blower motor to be certain that they are all tight and not corroded. I had a problem with one speed being out on my 1978 Oldsmobile. I replaced the switch and the resistor pack to no avail. I finally pulled a connector apart and pushed it together and the heater fan worked on all speeds. The wiper is probably the most expensive item. Usually this is the park switch but is sealed up inside the motor. Perhaps a replacement wiper motor from a recycling yard may be the most cost-effective way to handle this problem.

Actually, if these are the only problems with an 11 year old car, you are pretty fortunate. Maybe the car is really treating you pretty well.

I can only add one thing to Tridaq’s good message. Real men don’t worry about what someone else things about the car they drive. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Would you recommend buying a Chiltons guide for this car? Not really sure how to get into the dash to check the connections. And I think I can do the wiper motor myself too.

The resistor pack for the heater is probably located under the hood. You can pull off the connector and remove it. An inspection will tell you if one of the resistance wires has burned through. You can probably lay down on the floor of the car and look up under the dashboard to see if there are any connectors coming from the control panel for the heater and air conditioning. However, a check for voltage at all the feeds from the switch for the blower resistor will tell you whether or not you are getting power from all positions of the switch. I’ve found the Chilton’s manual to be very general, but it did have wiring diagrams that helped me when I had the manual for my 1990 Ford Aerostar minivan. Leaf through the manual before you purchase it.