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Soggy forester

I have a 98 subaru forester that’s been soggy for about a month now. The problem started when I noticed four inches of water in the rear passenger footwell. I bailed it out and dried it as best I could. When it rains the front and back passenger footwells get wet again. I’ve had mechanics check all the seals and vents and just had the windshield leak tested today, all nothing. The glass guy did witness a trickle of water coming down behind the carpet under the glove box when testing the windshield-- it seems the water is getting in that way.

A few questions-- an auto detailer talked about some wool being under the carpet and needing to be replaced, for around $350(!!!). Is this right? If it’s down there I have no doubt that it’s wet and probably molding.

The mechanic I went to today wasn’t too optimistic about finding the problem, he also was really busy. any ideas?

Do you have a sunroof? If so I would start there. They tend to leak a lot. They are not sealed, but rely on a gutter type system where each corner has a drain. If that drain gets clogged (easy if parked under a tree) then the water ends up in the car.

String trimmer wire of compressed air can be used to clear obstructions, but don’t over do it. You can damage the drains if you are overly aggressive with either.

I was looking for info for OUR soggy 99 Forester. No sunroof, so this isn’t our problem, but I did find a good post on Subaru Outback forum - that might help anyone with that problem.

If anyone has info on leaking AC line and how to clean it out, we’re guessing that might be the problem, so would appreciate info!

When A/C Or Defroster Is Used Water Is Removed From The Air (When Warm Or Humid Outside) And It is Normally Drained To The Outside Of The Vehicle.

The drain can clog and water gets deposited inside the car, usually on the passenger-side floor. Is this a possibility ? Have you needed to use A/C or defrost when it’s rained ?

My GM cars have foam backed carpets. Some cars have cotton. My GM manual says that cars with foam can be dried, cars with cotton need to have padding replaced. The carpet could stay wet, smell like a big dog, and rust the floor.

Look on the firewall (steel panel between engine compartment and passenger compartment) under the hood. Look low and to the passenger’s side. You are looking for a short little pipe stub sticking out, sometimes with a little rubber cap with a slit cut in it. Remove the cap if necessary and using a short soft wire fashioned into an “L” on the end see if you can drag any junk (leaves, bugs, stuff) out of the pipe. You could hit paydirt and water will dribble out.